Me, well just a regular bloke who took a long time to get to know himself and what he wanted to do when he grew up and then it was too late.

Believe in my own brand of social conservatism. What’s that? Well, I believe people should be given the freedom to excel at whatever they do and the security to fail.

I believe in The Trivium and Quadrivium for all. Given that education every human being will be equipped to excel at what they do, what ever that is.

I believe that Education and Health should be de-politicised! They are far too important to have stupid politicians interfering with them

I believe in less is more when it comes to government.

I believe in freedom of trade but not the EU

I believe a person should be paid better and given more authority if they are good at their job, not just promoted out of their own area of competence.

Finally I believe that everything is connected and we should at least try to love one another and as Churchill once said “Jaw, Jaw, is better than War War”.


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