Who are we really?

I’m not an advocate for or against immigration, at least the extreme view, but I am for controlled immigration and then mainly for those in real need not just the economic immigrants seeking the fabled streets of gold to be found in Europe.

Many Britons who claim they want to keep British ideals and the British way of life probably haven’t really thought through exactly who “we Britons” really are.

There was once this green and pleasant land placed out in the Atlantic, shrouded in sea mist and mystery. A land thought to be of giants, a land thought to be populated by descendants of Troy or Atlantis, a land made safe from invaders by a barrier of tumultuous water. And everybody wanted go there, it was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow where everything was perfect.

And then the first asylum seekers arrived about 800.000-900.000 years ago, they came from all over Northern Europe. This green and pleasant land had no name it wasn’t necessary, and they farmed the land in peace and tranquillity for thousands of years. More asylum seekers arrived, from lands we now call Spain and France and the language developed and we spoke with one another and we were landsmen and farmers and hunters.

And then the Romans came along, these people from all over the Empire and they told us we were Britons and conquered us and gave us laws and order and culture. And we were still farmers and hunters and we assimilated with them and we changed, these people from all over the known world.

Other peoples heard about this rich and green and pleasant land of farmers and hunters, the Angles and the Saxons and the Frisian and the Franks, from Germany and The Netherlands and farmed and hunted and we assimilated with these new neighbours as well and we changed.

And still more wanted to be part of this green and pleasant land and become part of the rich tapestry of Briton. The Danes, the Norwegians the Swedes arrived and we assimilated them as well, and we changed, in this green and pleasant land.

And yet more came to savour our green and pleasant land, the Norman’s came and they conquered us and ruled us but we eventually assimilated them as well, and we changed.

And so it goes on, they come, we absorb and assimilate and we change.

So who are we really?


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