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Bubbles; have you ever wondered who put them there? Been thinking a lot about Bubbles lately. There in half the food we eat, not all, just half, well perhaps not even half, but some. Some cheeses have bubbles, some chocolate has bubbles some mineral water has bubbles. Are they there to make the food taste better or save space or make it look bigger than it is? How do they put the bubbles in, that’s what I want to know! Is there a little man who stands over the vat of hot chocolate for example with a long straw blowing bubbles into the chocolate before it hardens? Does he do it for the cheese as well? Working double shifts as a chocolate and cheese bubbler. Or do they buy the bubbles in bulk and pour them into the nearly finished product? But where do they buy them from? I’ve heard of bubble gum manufacturers, do they make them? What about Champagne, who puts the bubbles in that? What are bubble made of? Can’t say that I can taste them in cheese or chocolate. I can feel them in Champagne and mineral water but can I taste them? Don’t think so. So what are they for really?

Just asking



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