We blame politicians for what is wrong with the country but are they really to blame? I don’t think so, in fact I think they are being duped just as badly as we the general population are, problem is as I see it most of them are so naïve they don’t see it.

 So who is to blame? Well in my opinion it’s the bureaucrats, those grey faceless leaches, creeping and crawling around the corridors of Whitehall sucking the life out of everything they come over.

 Bureaucrats, where do they come from exactly? As far as I can see they originated in Byzantium around 300 AD when the Byzantium emperors castrated young boys and took them into service, their job, keep people busy while the emperor enjoyed his harem. Becoming very fat and lazy and very rich in the process. And they continue to this day as castrato.

 Then petty little French courtiers under Louis XIV made an art out of it by creating the now famous mincing and bowing and that now well known refined nasal drawl of the over class. They created the much needed ante room, and the ante ante room, and the ante ante ante room to protect their King from reality and they created that much needed room for dressing the King with the ever attendant noblemen and that private of all private rooms the privy, with attendant courtiers and a physician of course, to check the smell and texture of the resultant outcome, because yes, even the rich and privileged have bodily functions, believe it or not. They created layer upon layer of civil servants to create and administer those much needed diplomatic and much loved rituals we are all so proud of.

But it was the British who perfected it. The British who during the last part of the 19th century created that wonderful adage “The status quo”. These wonderful fellows from Harrow, Eton and Winchester who; nothing better to do with their lives entered into the civil service for the benefit of King and their own pockets, hrmm I mean country. These wonderfully gifted young men who saw a bob or two could be earned by promoting railways or coal mines or steel works but saw no need for useless expenditure on the poor and needy, after all no income to be had there. These idealistic fellows who saw that a war here and there would put a bit of brass into the pockets of their friends and relations and would keep the poor and needy quiet for a year or two whilst dying on the battlefield. These stout hearted men who at the great risk of losing a place on the London dinner circuit frittered away fortunes of the countries money on necessities like statues of their own kind; built by friends of course and medals and titles.

And now, like true descendants of this inimitable breed of parasite, no I mean human beings, they block, for the good of the country of course, modernisation and new thinking, they whisper in the ears of our naïve politicians, “oh no we cant do that minister, it would lead to most undesirable consequences”. “We must keep the proletariat down you know minister, wouldn’t do to let them get above their station, they could actually demand equality you know”. “Minister the CEO of this or that International conglomerate really doesn’t need that new legislation it would play havoc on his share holders, don’t you know and just think of what it would to to his workforce he would have to pay them a fair wage and where will that lead to, more lay offs and more unnecessary expense?” “Before you know it the plebs will want a functioning NHS or Schooling or an Ambulance service or Fire service, nothing but expenditure minister and then how will we be able to give you your a salary increase minister?”

YES MINISTER. The answer must be maybe and that’s definite!


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